The Jumper is an exciting attraction with a gym mat and an interactive projection to the wall. The image constantly changes and the player has to jump or squat to dodge obstacles. Jumber is great for Children’s Museums, Aquariums, Zoos, Medical and Therapy Offices!

Why do children love the Jumper?

Interactive Jumper is an active and challenging game in which kids do not just jump, but they become participants of an engaging interactive game! From 1 to 3 players, Jumper promotes coordination and exercise while having fun!


  • Improves motor skills and coordination
  • Develops vestibular system
  • Jumping is the best way to train the respiratory system
  • and hand movement
  • Develops correct back posture
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps build new neuron connections
  • 8 minutes of jumping are equal to a 3 km run

What is included:

  • Computer
  • Sensor
  • Multimedia projector
  • Tablet

*Air mat not included

Game #1


The fox / foxes run through a dense jungle with interesting obstacles. There’s an abandoned Maya city on their way, which is full of surprises. The goal is to reach the temple with treasures in order to save the planet. It is an unforgettable and exciting adventure where players win

Game #2

Cat and Mouse

The Cat is chasing the Mouse. The Mouse is not easy to get, and the Cat turns the whole house upside down while running from one room to another. The more house items he destroys, the more points the player gets. It is a fun and interesting game that promotes movement and coordination.