Wall Ball

Children have fun and play by interacting with the games by throwing or kicking balls into the wall. With several different programs, including basketball, soccer, pirates, butterflies and ‘concentration’, kids learn and have fun too! Wall Ball can be a great addition to your exhibits by adding interactivity and excitement!

Air Balloons

Pop the balloons matching the color of the frame around the game field.

Minecraft of Adventure

Hit monsters, collect coins and diamonds. Get ready for the end-game boss fight.

Picture Match

Throw the balls to hit the cards with matching images.

Hungry Frogs

Hit the dragonflies to feed the frogs.


There’s a sea battle with pirates! Sink as many pirate ships as you can.


Score as many goals as you can in the futuristic technology world.


Build a trajectory for a butterfly to fly.

Magic Darts

The player throws a ball into the wall to hit the segment of the target with the right color and win scores.


Throw the ball into the basketball ring in the world of the future.