Interactive Floor

Want an interactive playground that is educational and encourages movement and creativity for your space? 

Perfect for aquariums, zoos, science museums or dental or doctor’s offices, Floorium is an interactive exhibit and is the fun way to develop gross motor skills. Floorium encourages kids to put down mobile devices and get moving and playing! 

With a variety of games to play, Floorium is exciting and new with each visit.  

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Interactive Floor Adaptive complete set

Play area size:
Unit elevation above floor: 6.5 ft
Projection area: 52.7 ft2
Projection dimensions: 5.6 ft * 9.2 ft

For 8.2 ft unit elevation above floor
Projection area: 85 ft2
Projection dimensions: 7.2 ft × 11.8 ft

  • Projector brightness 3600 ANSI lm resolution 1280*800
  • Computer (AMD Ryzen 5, RAM 8 GB, SSD 128), built-in sensor
  • Control tablet
  • Remote control
  • Software 12 games and + 22 effects
  • Ceiling mounting brackets