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Dolphin Fiberglass Products began as a boat manufacturer in 1977! While we are an innovator and use more and more efficient technology, the strength of our product, born from the need to withstand the wear and tear of the ocean, still remains! 

Yes! From entire aquariums, to multitudes of aquaculture tanks, we have the experience and knowledge to make your project amazing. 

That just depends upon demand. The sooner a deposit is made, the sooner we can get started, but it all depends on how many projects are ahead of you. Some times of year are slower than others and sometimes it’s much busier. Want to get a feel for where we currently are on lead times? Please reach out to us here.

We generally require a 50% deposit to begin your project, with the remaining balance at completion

Yes! We accept credit cards, checks, and wire transfers. 

Yes! While we have a shipper, you are not obligated to use ours. 

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