Dog Pool

Looking for a competitive advantage, increased stays and word of mouth for your pet hotel, doggy daycare, boarding facility or veterinary clinic? A fiberglass doggy pool is an easy, fun way to increase business and your bottom line.

There are so many benefits of water therapy for dogs. Your clients will love the fun and exercise their dog will have while staying with you! Additionally, swimming has the following benefits for dogs: 

  • Hours of entertainment
  • Reduce pet overheating
  • Reduced pain
  • Release of stress
  • Age related limitations: decreased mobility, arthritis, stiffness
  • Weight reduction & management
  • Improved body condition & physical performance
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Faster recovery from surgery, sprain or strain

Why a fiberglass pool? Lightweight but sturdy, fiberglass holds up to toe nails and general wear and tear from active dogs. Most fiberglass pools easily last for over a decade. 

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Dog Pool

If you own a doggy daycare and you’re wanting to step up the fun for your clients, this is the pool for you! Complete with ramp for easy pet entry and exit for all doggo ages, this doggy pool comes in a variety of sizes and depths, perfect to fit your space and needs. Doggy daycare can be so competitive and this pool can be just the advantage you need to take your business to the next level. Dog parents want interactive play and enrichment for their best friends and we can’t think of a better way to provide that, while helping them cooling off from a fun day of play. Interested in learning more? Start a conversation, here.